J'adore l'art!

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It was indeed a happy #4SquareDay! 1) pink flowers  2) 🐶 walks  3) bbq chicken + roasted cauliflower  4) blooming tree 💕 (at Virginia-Highland Neighborhood)
The flowers are so pretty today! #spring #flowers
This giant anchor came from an earlier 1800s English ship, found off the coast of St. Augustine.  (at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens)
Ivy fountain.
Discover the gardens.  (at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens)
Who knew? Witchcraft and Bay leaves don’t mix. (at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens)
There’s something magical about a #bamboo forest.
The world needs more of these. #local #organic
Love when kids draw pictures of me. I’m on the left, Shannon on the right. Who knew I still had people hair… and its so huge! LOL
Florida yard art.